Fall Beauty 101

Fall Beauty 101

It’s hard to say goodbye to the beach days of summer but the joys of #sweaterweather, pumpkin spice and pulling out your favorite Chelsea boots make the adjustment a little bit easier.

Dropping temps can take their toll on the body. Crisper days are the root of dry skin, chapped lips and sore throats. Combine that with the busy life of a working professional and it can feel exhausting! This season, take a holistic approach to winter beauty from the inside out with these 5 simple changes.

1) Pamper Yourself

It’s easy to get swept up in the rush of daily life but remember to take some time for yourself. Whether it’s getting together with friends or splurging on a spa day, letting yourself recharge lowers your body’s stress levels and powers up your immunity to prevent those winter colds. Standing on your feet all day? Try a 5-minute foot massage with PARODI Smoothing Foot Exfoliant and follow it up with PARODI Nourishing Foot Cream to promote proper circulation and prevent wintery sandpaper feet.

2) Stand Strong

Take a posture pro tip from Parodi Health and Wellness Advisor, Mary Beth Janssen, “The best posture is keeping an open extended chest for optimal breathing.” Try standing in yoga’s mountain pose during the day to center the spine and allow for deep, full-body breaths.

3) Protect Your Hands

Hypericum, commonly known as St. John’s Wort, does more than cure colds. This super ingredient offers antioxidant properties for maintaining skin’s essential natural moisture. Dab a little PARODI Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream – chock full of Hypericum to protect and heal hardworking hands during the season.

4)Swap The Sweets

As tempting as those Halloween-sized candies are, excess sugar can lead to high blood pressure, not to mention those awful sugar crashes. Instead, grab quick, high-protein snacks such as peanut butter on apple slices or opt for a healthy, sweet alternative.Eating dark chocolate- at 85% is proven to be excellent for your health as well as delicious. Being that there is a higher content of cacao, the need to keep eating more chocolate doesn’t happen. Satiety happens quickly. Check out this site for more benefits of eating dark chocolate.

5) Hydrate!

We’ve all heard drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day is essential to your health and wellness, but what about your skin and hair? One beauty mistake we all make in winter is lingering in the steam of a hot shower. All that heat can strip your skin and hair of the layers that hold in precious moisture. So turn down the heat, shorten your shower time and rehydrate skin with a strong moisturizer.