Fall in love with your skin again

Spring is on the horizon, but first: Valentine’s Day!

This time of year, many of us find ourselves in a less-than-loving relationship with winter weather. You deserve better, and all it takes is some TLC. This Valentine’s Day, I’m challenging you to make a date with someone special—yourself. Whether you have dinner plans or you’re looking forward to a cozy night in, try focusing on giving yourself some quality time to relax. A mid-week break can balance out your busy lifestyle, and a little staycation goes a long way when it comes to restoration.

Linda’s Tips:

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Valentine’s Day only comes once a year but you deserve to love your skin every day, all day long. Try these tips as you create your own routine to relax on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year that calls for a bit of me-time.

Rest Isn’t Out of Reach

Caring for ourselves can feel like a luxury, but we all need those moments to recharge. As a hairstylist, I developed PARODI Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream as a fast-absorbing solution to protect my most valuable tools—my hands—from everyday irritants I encountered on the job. It was as easy as reapplying during my coffee break, then getting back to work. But enough about work—back to that plan for a Valentine’s Day off!

Rise and Shine

Start the day with an energizing activity like yoga, a spin class or some simple stretches. Spread the love by surprising your instructor with a bottle of PARODI Comforting Muscle Lotion. After all, it’s the perfect calorie-free Valentine’s Day treat for anyone leading an active lifestyle. If you haven’t tried it yet, the newest addition to the PARODI care line is a cooling, fast-acting lotion that rolls on and quickly absorbs to help calm over-worked muscles. By pairing traditional cooling agents—like camphor and menthol—with apothecary ingredients—like arnica and magnesium oil—this lotion refreshes muscles and hydrates skin for soft, soothing results.

Kick Up Your Feet

Every good workout deserves a soak. Silence your phone, grab your robe and slippers (and maybe a mug of herbal tea) and give yourself permission to relax. For a total sensory experience, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils while you’re drawing the bath. Focus on relieving tension in your feet by massaging one foot at a time. Promote healthy circulation by elevating your legs and, one foot at a time, massaging PARODI Smoothing Exfoliant for Feet for an entire minute. After drying off, massage a pearl-sized amount of PARODI Nourishing Foot Cream onto your feet and slide on your slippers. Pairing the PARODI Foot Care System smooths, stimulates and hydrates your feet for an energized comfort that will stay with you wherever your day takes you.

A dozen roses is beautiful, but you deserve to the gift of feeling well. That’s why we bottled a bouquet of apothecary ingredients in each PARODI Care product for a naturally soothing experience specifically for the needs of comforting hard-working hands, tired feet and sore muscles.

To celebrate, we are offering you a FREE PARODI 2 oz. Comforting Muscle Lotion ($18 value) with the purchase of a 9.5 oz. Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream with the code VALENTINES18. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at PARODI Professional Care.


Love, Linda

Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream
9.5fl oz. (270ml) $50.00