My Friend Nick Arrojo Loves PARODI too!

My Friend Nick Arrojo Loves PARODI too!

It is possible to look great, feel well and not have to spend a lot of time on your beauty routine! I’ve just discovered American Wave, a new way to add movement and style to your hair, created by my dear friend Nick Arrojo of Arrojo Salons and Schools in New York City. Ask your stylist about American Wave! And learn more on line at

And, Nick has been a strong supporter of PARODI since our very beginning. From his days as a celebrity hairstylist on TLC’s “What Not To Wear” to developing his amazing ARROJO line of hairstyling products, and now American Wave, Nick Arrojo is a guy who’s always ahead of the crowd and thinks only about the needs of his customers. He and I certainly share that philosophy!

You can see the similarities between PARODI Professional Care goals and Arrojo. Both Nick and I believe in taking good care of our customers above all. We believe in developing products that help simplify your lives and yet help you feel great…while you look great. We both love a healthy, free-spirited, unrepressed approach to beauty and grooming. And we believe everyone deserves to live well and feel well.

As an exclusive offer to our PARODI members and a thank you to my friend Nick Arrojo, PARODI is offering you a treat!

Buy one roll-on tube of PARODI Comforting Muscle Lotion and receive a 2 oz. tube of PARODI Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream at 50% off.
Use code DAILY50 to save $9 and relieve your hard-working hands and muscles.

Offer available through October 27, 2017.

Live well and feel well…with PARODI!