Inspired by Indie Beauty Expo

Inspired by Indie Beauty Expo

Late August means soaking up the summer sun while we prepare for back to school season. There’s magic in the air this time of year, whether you’re still studying or sending your own kids to school.

We felt that air of discovery and inspiration while in New York City at the Indie Beauty Expo, where we were thrilled to sample the latest addition to the PARODI Professional Care System, PARODI Comforting Muscle Lotion.

PARODI Comforting Muscle Lotion was designed for on-the-go application and dries quickly, leaving skin lightly moisturized with a delicate botanical fragrance. Our ingredients are inspired by old-world wisdom, but this isn’t your grandma’s medicinal lotion—it was designed for go-getters like you. Roll on for a gentle massaging sensation with soothing camphor, cooling menthol, and a calming blend of arnica and magnesium oil to keep you going, wherever your ambitions take you.

Linda’s Tips:

Like so many other indie businesses, PARODI started as an idea—a solution—and grew.

I wanted to find a solution for my colleagues and myself in response to the repeated exposure of harsh elements our hands put up with in the salon industry. My experience inspired me to create the PARODI Professional Care System, and these 3 tips helped me along my way:

Set yourself apart: I tried plenty of hand creams, but I hadn’t seen a brand specifically focus on serving salon professionals. Keeping this in mind, I launched PARODI and targeted stylists. Our original niche market, along with our proprietary HypeauPro blend, which is fast-absorbing, ultra-concentrated and exclusive to the PARODI Professional Care System, set us apart from our competitors. Find what makes you different, and build your brand on that.

Remember your roots, but broaden your horizons: When I realized that my line could touch the lives of other hardworking professionals beyond the salon, I was thrilled to expand the PARODI Professional Care System. Be open to growing with your audience and you’ll open doors for your brand.

Create something you’ll love: Your passion is contagious! Whether you’re launching a new product for your indie beauty line or growing your brand as a blogger, commitment is key. Make something authentically yours to share with the world and they’ll love it, too!

Ready to try PARODI Professional Care? Right now, through August 31st, buy our Foot Care System and get one 2.0 oz. tube of our Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream for FREE. Use coupon code FREEINTENSIVE at checkout.