What’s in our products makeS them work.

What’s not in them makeS them work better!

Our proprietary formulas are developed at the finest laboratories in France and Switzerland. By fusing natural ingredients with modern science, our blends are specifically designed to help your body find its balance when you need it most. PARODI products are made in the United States and France.

Our Exclusive Blend, HypeauPro, Renews & Restores

Every PARODI produce is formulated with HypeauPro™ (pronounced hiy-poh-proh), our proprietary blend that rehydrates and renews the skin you use most.

works so well.


Hippocrates recommended its use due to its effectiveness for the treatment of small wounds and inflammation. Its cosmetic and antioxidant properties are widely acclaimed for balancing texture, maintaining essential natural hydration and leaving skin refreshed. Today, we know this ingredient as St. John’s wort.


A plant that originated in the tropics of Africa and South America, it is used as a remedy for toothaches, fighting colds, influenza and other infections. Its high anti-oxidant content also makes it a powerful, soothing element in caring for skin.


Also known as mother-of-pearl, this hard, iridescent substance carries a time-honored reputation as an unsurpassed beauty tonic by legendary Oriental beauties. It helps promote lustrous, clear, hydrated and supple skin, promoting a radiant, youthful complexion.

works even better.

NO Silicones

That’s why fast-absorbing PARODI products don’t leave you with a greasy feeling. No slick-i-ness!

NO Parabens

PARODI products contain no parabens. These controversial chemicals are considered a potential contributing factor with certain health issues.

NO Synthetic Fragrances

Because our cream products contain no synthetic fragrances, you’ll never worry about offending smells or lingering odors when you use PARODI products.