“To help pursue your passion, you can get farther faster if feel good while doing it. When you feel well, you live well.”



PARODI Professional Care was created by Linda Gillette Parodi, a beauty industry professional and hairstylist. With 20+ years’ experience in the field, she knows the pain and suffering caused by overworked hands and feet.

Linda originally developed PARODI products to bring comfort and relief to her colleagues in the demanding salon industry. Since then, hard-working professionals from all fields have discovered her products’ benefits. Today, Linda is dedicated to helping all hard-working people feel good every day, all day long.

“Feel Better With PARODI” (2:36)

“Pursue Your Passion” (:40)

Our Exclusive Blend, HypeauPro, Renews & Restores

PARODI products are developed at the finest laboratories in France and Switzerland, and made in the USA. Each is formulated with HypeauProTM (pronounced hiy-poh-proh), our proprietary blend that helps re-hydrate and renew the skin you use the most. PARODI products are unique:

  • Ultra-concentrated
  • Non-greasy
  • Constructed like a facial product
  • NO parabens, NO phthalates

Drawing inspiration from age-old remedies, our formulas are infused with elements such as Spilanthes, Nacre and Hypericum.

“Parodi fuses age-old wisdom with modern technology”

What’s Behind the PARODI Name

In Italian, the word “parodi” means brave, valiant, bold and undaunted protector. Parodi is also the name of a distinguished Italian family that traces back many centuries with “an inborn quality of mind and spirit.” Our company shares the same traits as our hardworking customers – we’re people focused on taking care of other people. Our dedication to mind and spirit, heart and soul is at the core of our culture – it’s part of our DNA.

“PARODI is dedicated to helping hard working people feel well so they can live well.”