Your PARODI Fix: Our Restorative Hand Care Routine

Your PARODI Fix: Our Restorative Hand Care Routine

Health and beauty go hand in hand. We’ve all heard about countless skincare solutions. It’s time to show the same love to our hands!

Daily moisturizing is a key addition to everyday skincare routines—especially for our hard-working hands. We all know to keep ourselves hydrated with 8 glasses a day, but how does our skin drink in hydration? Cue PARODI!

PARODI Professional Care’s ultra-concentrated formula—featuring our exclusive HypeauPro™ blend—was created with the same care and intention given to a face cream. Intensive healing ingredients like St. John’s Wort provide another step to the moisturizing process: restoration!

To help you get started with your restorative routine, we’re offering an insider exclusive*: Use code: intensive2017 for a complimentary bottle of our award-winning 2.5 oz Intensive Moisturizing Cream (a $22 value) with the purchase of our new 9.5oz Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream!

Introducing restorative practices into your daily routine is a must. There are all sorts of restorative practices—drinking more water, taking up yoga, adding vitamins to our diets—but it’s important that we don’t forget to heal our hands!

Whether you’re staying late on the job or rushing from one appointment to the next, your hands are constantly working overtime—they’re exposed to dry air, wind, repeated washing, and the elements.

As winter thaws, our hands are still in recovery. Untreated dry skin risks long-term damage, and the flaking and cracking is often cyclical—but it is also preventable. Our cure? Alleviate the suffering of a demanding day with a little self-care!

Linda’s Tips to revitalize, refresh, and restore:

One way to pamper your hands is with a manicure, and PARODI’s non-greasy formula is ideal for keeping your hands smooth and mani-ready! Here are our favorite tips for at-home hand care.

Revitalizing your skin and nails: A healthy diet promotes nail strength, but vitamins and supplements like biotin are a lifesaver if you have difficulty growing strong nails. The simplest way to maintain healthy skin is by developing a routine – like washing your hands. Keeping the new pump bottle of our Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream makes it easy to keep your skin hydrated after every wash.

Refreshing your cuticles: Never, ever cut your cuticles! Instead, moisturize your hands and gently push cuticles back to enhance your nailbed. Try an at-home cuticle fix by mixing coconut oil with a touch of lavender essential oil, then gently applying it to your cuticles with a cotton swab.

Restoring your hands: After a long day, it’s important to recharge. Apply a pearl-sized drop of PARODI Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream to your hands before you go to sleep to lock in moisture overnight.

To help you get started with your restorative routine, we’re offering an insider exclusive*: Use code: intensive2017 for a complimentary tube of our award-winning 2.0 oz Intensive Moisturizing Cream (a $22 value) with the purchase of our new 9.5 oz Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream!