Step into that Summer Glow

Step into that Summer Glow

June brings weddings, al fresco dining, and beachy getaways—and open toe shoes! The sun’s out, and our feet are waking up from hibernation. Rough, overburdened feet are anything but ready for summer—but there’s no reason to hide behind last season’s footwear! Take a step towards that head to toe summer glow with PARODI.

Getting rid of dry, calloused skin is easier than you’d think with PARODI Smoothing Exfoliant for Feet. This product is a power house of benefits and goes to work quickly for an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Keep it in the shower for easy access and add to your bi-weekly routine. The refreshing sensation serves to invigorate your senses during your morning shower or cool and soothe tired, overworked feet at night. Gentle exfoliants smooth away rough spots, like a microdermabrasion for your feet! These environmentally-friendly wax beads are so small that they boost the effectiveness of removing dry patches.

Linda’s Tips:

PARODI acts as a modern apothecary, with products to soothe and smooth, comfort and nourish. Our formulas may surprise you—we use only the finest ingredients derived from herbs, nut oils, even sea minerals, and combine them with the most scientific skin care sources. Among the benefits of our herbal ingredient Spilanthes is its antifungal properties, purifying feet and toenails. Arnica soothes and cools feet for a refreshing feeling. PARODI’s proprietary HypeauPro softens skin and delivers anti-oxidants, engaging a delicate fragrance diffused throughout the shower. PARODI Smoothing Exfoliant for Feet energizes with a refreshing feeling that lasts. PARODI products are all about feeling good throughout your day.

Cure last season’s feet with one of my favorite summer treats: a pedicure! Spoil yourself this with a monthly pedicure or, if you can’t make it to the spa, give yourself an at-home PARODI pedi. A lot of DIY foot treatments are admittedly messy—sorry, but I’ll stick to putting my cereal in bowls of milk, not my feet! The PARODI Foot Care system delivers everything your feet need, from heel to toe, without the mess.

From heel to toes, PARODI’s got you covered

Heel: Our heels get a lot of public time, especially if your summer wardrobe includes mules, espadrilles, or strappy sandals. If your heels are particularly calloused and rough, bring a pumice stone into a warm shower and guide it along your heels. Follow that with a gentle scrub of our Smoothing Exfoliant for Feet.

Sole: I love a good massage, and my feet are no exception. While I’m no reflexologist, I do appreciate an at-home foot massage to boost circulation, relieve tension, and leave feet feeling refreshed. Engage in gentle motions, like ankle and toe rotations, to warm up your feet. If your feet are particularly sore, roll PARODI Comforting Muscle Lotion along your arches and gently massage for a soothing sensation.

Toes: Don’t forget to moisturize your toenails! Your toenails can get dry and brittle, especially if you use nail polish remover. If you’re removing nail polish, use an acetone-free remover. YogaToes®, toe separators are a favorite tool of mine to relax my sore, tired feet. Once you’ve separated the toes, massage PARODI Nourishing Foot Cream, working it into your cuticles and across the nail beds. Continue to massage along the foot to hydrate each heel. Our fast-absorbing cream won’t leave your feet greasy, so you can paint your toenails after pampering yourself.

Let the PARODI Professional Care System help you put your best foot forward this summer!
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