Travel Like a Pro  

Travel Like a Pro   

Spring travel season is here, and many of us are gearing up for spring break destinations…and lots of time spent between planes, trains, and rental cars! In our industry spring means tradeshows, and the PARODI team recently had an exciting weekend in Chicago at America’s Beauty Show.

We had the pleasure of launching our newest addition to the PARODI Professional Care System and sharing it with the amazing crowd at ABS, and now we want to share it with you! If you’re anything like us, after three days of running around in heels, you can use a little TLC. Thankfully we have the solution to comfort all exhausted travelers, and it even comes in a TSA-friendly 2oz bottle!

PARODI Comforting Muscle Lotion rolls on with a gentle massaging applicator, helping to calm overworked muscles with herbal ingredients and a naturally invigorating fragrance. Traditional cooling agents, including Menthol and Camphor, soothe and relax tired muscles while our proprietary HypeauPro blend moisturizes. Like our hand creams, this lotion is fast-absorbing with a non-greasy feel. Adding our Comforting Muscle Lotion to your daily routine helps overworked muscles to feel relaxed and refreshed. If you stopped by our booth at ABS, you’re already in on the soothing, fast-acting comfort our new lotion can bring to busy travelers. Keep a bottle in your carry-on and you’ll be ready to take on anything!

Linda’s Tips:

I firmly believe that every hard-working, or hard-playing, person deserves to feel great every day and all day long. You deserve the luxury of caring for yourself after a long day at work or at play. When I’m traveling, I always plan out moments to relax and restore with little luxuries. Here are a few of my traveling must-haves:


Touchscreen gloves: We all know we should wear gloves in cold weather, but it’s so tempting to take them off and check our phones—especially at events like ABS! After countless handshakes, product testing, and on-the-go sanitizing, my hands were in serious need of attention. Before heading outside, I apply a pearl-sized drop of PARODI Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream and slip on a pair of screen-friendly gloves.

An eye mask: When your sleeping schedule is off, these are a life-saver! I recommend a silk-lined sleeping mask. It’s gentle on skin and won’t absorb your nightly moisturizer. I always pack mine in my carry-on in case I want to catch up on sleep during the flight.

Cozy socks: It’s easy to re-energize tired feet in the shower. Massage PARODI Smoothing Exfoliant for Feet into your soles for a minute before rinsing. (Take a moment to breathe in the soothing herbal fragrance—it’s so relaxing!) Right after drying off, moisturize with PARODI Nourishing Foot Cream and step into your cozy socks for overnight pampering. I like to pack a few pairs since they’re great on flights, too!

PARODI Comforting Muscle Lotion: I know, I’ve been talking about it all weekend, but I cannot get enough of this lotion. We sought out herbal blends well-known by sports medicine professionals, like Arnica for its healing properties and Magnesium Oil, known to calm stiff muscles. Let’s just say, after a long month of travel and tradeshows, I’ve used PARODI Comforting Muscle Lotion a few times.

That’s a wrap for this year! We can’t wait to show you more ways to renew your skin with PARODI Professional Care at America’s Beauty Show 2018! Until then, you can find your favorite PARODI Professional Care products online. Bon voyage, travelers!